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Our delicious tamales are fully cooked and ready to eat.


The preferred method for re-heating tamales is to steam the tamales in a stovetop steamer, electric steamer or crockpot. Make sure the tamales are elevated and not floating in the water. The tamales are already fully cooked, so steaming them for no longer than 10 minutes per dozen is all that is necessary.

Alternative method of steaming in your conventional oven:
On the bottom rack place a pan with water, and on the top rack place your baking dish with the tamales. Steam the tamales at 375 degrees, 10 minutes per dozen.

Microwave oven:

The microwave oven is not the best method for re-heating, but it is the fastest.  Place your tamales in a casserole dish and cover tamales with a wet paper towel. Cover with a lid. 5-8 minutes per dozen, high power.

Tamales With a Twist:

For Tamales with a twist try grilling them with the shuck…Great with fresh pico de gallo. Yummy!

Warning:  As with any re-heating, please use caution. You are the best judge as to when you tamales are ready to eat.



Do not keep tamales in your refrigerator for more than 2 days.
Freeze tamales in a zip lock bag and do not keep them in the freezer for more than 3 months.

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