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About Us

For over 60 years, family-owned & operated Dallas Tortilla & Tamale Factory has provided authentic Mexican food to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since our inception in 1950, quality and service have been our number one goal. From our handmade Mexican tamales, to our stone ground corn tortillas, we delight in providing you with the very best.

Our humble beginning took place in Elvira Leal’s kitchen.

To make ends meet while her husband Ruben was away fighting in War World II, Elvira, a seasonal crop picker, began making handmade tortillas and tamales for her neighbors and friends. Elvira soon realized that the tortilla industry was very prosperous. Upon the return of her husband, Ruben and Elvira opened a small tortilla factory in what was then Dallas’s Little Mexico District. Their factory soon blossomed into what is today Dallas Tortillas & Tamale Factory, with several locations in the Dallas area… and still growing.

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